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Open Solicitations

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Opening Date

        Closing Date                 Amendment    
RM-14-RFQ-162-BY2-JCC [PDF] To provide instruction in youth mental health first aid 03/24/14

2 pm

Admentment One [PDF]
RM-14-RFQ-170-BY4-DJW [PDF] To provide high voltage electrical services at Saint Elizabeths Hospital 02/05/14 2/12/14
2 pm
RM-14-RFP-169-BY4-DJW [PDF] To coordinate provide community-based care for a select group of adults currently or previously living at Saint Elizabeths Hospital 02/03/14 2/28/14
2 pm

RM-14-RFQ-160-BY1-MTD [PDF]

To provide commercial laundry equipment installation services at Saint Elizabeths Hospital

02/03/14 2/10/14
10 am
Cancellation Notice
RM-14-RFP-161-BY4-TLW [PDF] To provide psychiatric services at Saint Elizabeths Hospital  01/30/14 2/28/14
1 pm
RM-14-RFP-171-BY4-TLW [PDF] To set up and manage an Ombudsman Program 01/29/14

New Closing Date:
2 pm

Amendment One [PDF]
Amendment Two [PDF]
Amendment Three [PDF]

To provide general facility services  01/01/14

New Closing Date: 
11 am

Amendment One [PDF]
RM-14-RFP-159-BY4-SDS [PDF] To provide a Web-based behavioral health training program 12/26/13 1/27/14
2 pm
Amendment One [PDF]
RM-14-IFB-023-BY4-SDS [PDF] To provide office supplies 12/23/13

New Closing Date

Amendment One [PDF]
RM-14-RFQ-157-BY4-MTD [PDF] To provide Healthcare Dinex System Tableware 11/20/13 12/02/13
Amendment One [PDF]
RM-14-RFQ-0142-BY4-SDS [PDF] To provide pharmacy services 11/04/13 11/08/13
4 pm