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Obtain a Trip Permit

Motor carriers, chartered buses (including chartered shuttle buses), and other vehicles which fall under the definition of apportionable vehicles (see IRP section) but are not apportioned or fully registered in the District of Columbia, may obtain a trip permit for a $50 fee, if required. The Trip Permit [PDF] is valid for six (6) days of travel within the District of Columbia. It must be maintained on the vehicle throughout the duration of travel in the District of Columbia. The trip permit is only to be used for the vehicle listed on the front of the permit. For questions, call (202)729-7083.

  • Register as a Class B Commercial vehicle and obtain a DC Trip Permit, or
  • Obtain proportional registration in the base jurisdiction through the International Registration Plan and display DC on the IRP cab card

Government Vehicles and School Buses Transporting Students

A motor carrier or bus that is owned by a governmental entity or registered as a government vehicle is exempt from IRP regulations. Those vehicles are not required to carry a trip permit. Displaying a federal or state government license plate on the truck, van, or bus is one way to show the vehicle meets this exemption. Note that vehicles (including school buses) contracted by the government are not exempt from IRP and must obtain a trip permit if not apportioned. However, vehicles (including school buses) leased long-term by the government with the option to purchase are exempt and do not have to obtain a trip permit.


  • Any vehicle owner that uses a trip permit for a vehicle other than the one listed on the front of the trip permit, is subject to a fine of not more than $500 or 180 days imprisonment or both.
  • Any applicant that misuses, transfers or sells a trip permit is subject to a fine of not more than $1000 or 180 days imprisonment or both.
  • Any vehicle that does not have a trip permit or is not apportioned to operate in the District will be assessed a $500 fine.


Online Trip Permit System

Any business can obtain a trip permit, but it is required to apply for registration with the DMV.

Registration Process is simple and free. Any business may register to obtain trip permit(s). Below is a summary of the benefits of the online trip permit registration process.

Benefits & Features

  • Secure, reliable and fast access to the DMV Trip Permit website;
  • Registrant business name and address information will be stored during registration. Upon requesting Trip Permits, registrant information will be pre-populated on all relevant forms (based on the registration). Registrant will therefore only be required to enter vehicle specifics, along with date and time details.
  • Upon completion of the registration process, a business registrant is provided with a business ID and is allowed to add upto10 individual users. Each of the users will be provided with a login ID and password to access the DMV Trip Permit web site.
  • The first user from a business who will apply for the business registration will be considered the business administrator. An administrator can add users and set their profiles.
  • Registrant will be able to retrieve and review reports such as processed trip permits, permit changes, etc.
  • It is possible to delegate administrator rights to another active user.

Get more information regarding Tour Bus Parking from the goDCgo website.

Note: Customers must use Internet Explorer when trying to access the Trip Permit Website.

Eligible Transactions

Registrants are allowed to log in to perform the following transactions:

  • Online Trip Permit Request
  • Trip Permit Change Request
  • Reports and Archival Trip Permits

Ordering a Trip Permit

The District of Columbia DMV has made it easy to obtain a trip permit for use while traveling in the District. Options to purchase a trip permit are described below.


Registrant Business(s) may purchase a trip permit online. All requests made online through DMV’s website will be processed within 24 to 48 hours upon the receipt of required documents and associated payment.

Businesses who pay online (see accepted forms of online payments below) may print the trip permit on their local printer after completing the online transaction. A copy of the trip permit will be delivered to the email address, provided at the time of request.

A business may request a trip permit online but choose not to pay online. If this option (‘Defer Payment’) is selected, the business will be required to send a check or money order to DMV at the address provided, along with the confirmation receipt which they will receive at the end of the transaction.

Note: Allow 15 days for mailing. Trip permit(s) will be mailed (USPS only, No courier service is in place) for such requests. If the entered trip effective date is falling within 15 days, please choose Email or Pick Up from DMV location as a delivery option.

In addition, online services are available from 6:00 am to 12:00 am, seven days a week.

Transmit America

Businesses may also purchase trip permits from Transit America. Please visit the TRANSMIT AMERICA website for more information.

Pick Up on Arrival

Customers may visit DMV - Information Desk located at 95 M Street SW, Washington DC. Monday – Saturday 8:15 am – 4:00 pm (Sunday Closed) to apply, pay (Please see accepted payment method) and receive Trip Permits.

Permit Change Request

Registered businesses may request a permit change via the DMV website, in the event of mechanical malfunction or other unforeseen situations necessitating vehicle replacement or change of trip date.

  • Permit changes will be allowed only once provided the conditions are met below.
  • Permit change request information will be stored in the DMV system. MPD and Park Police will be notified regarding changes in permits linking them to the original permit information.
  • Businesses will be allowed to edit/change the vehicle information, only if the trip expiration date has not passed. The trip date field will be authorized for change, only if the effective date and time has not passed. 
  • Businesses will only be provided with the confirmation receipt of the permit change request. A physical replacement permit will not be issued.
  • Businesses must be able to print on their local printer confirmation receipt at the end of the successful permit change transaction.
  • Businesses must maintain the original permit and confirmation receipt of the permit change request on the vehicle throughout the duration of travel in the District of Columbia.

Please enable the Compatibility View when processing permit changes.

Accepted Forms of Payments

These are the currently accepted forms of payment:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Master Card)
  • Money Order/Check (Made Payable to “DC Treasurer")
  • No Cash Accepted

Check Verification:

All checks received by DMV will be reviewed for the following items:

  • Date
  • Address and Phone Number
  • Payable to “DC Treasurer”
  • Signature or Endorsement
  • Amount
  • Transaction confirmation number of the Trip Permit receipt

Dishonored Check(s)

A $65 penalty will be imposed per dishonored check.

Note: Additional permits will not be authorized pending clearance of such occurrences.

Refund: No refunds will be authorized.

Please feel free to contact a representative at the IRP Office for additional details or call (202) 729-7083.

Contact TTY: