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Vehicle Tinting Medical Waivers

Tinting Medical Waivers

DMV will issue you a waiver if you have a medical conditions requiring protection from sunlight or bright artificial light. The Vehicle Tint Waiver Request Form [PDF], which requires a physician statement, authorizes you to equip your vehicle with window tinting films or applications that exceed the regulatory limit as indicated on the form. Waivers are issued in the name of the person with the condition and are valid as long as the person has the condition or until the vehicle is sold.

You should obtain the waiver before adding the tinting.

Applying for a Waiver

To apply for a waiver, the person with the medical condition must submit a completed Vehicle Tint Waiver Request Form [PDF] to a designated DC DMV service location. You may also fax this form to (202) 645-3210.

Also exempt from the tinted windows law are:

  • Limousines
  • Ambulances
  • Buses
  • Hearses
  • Church owned vehicles
  • Vehicles with tinted windows installed by the manufacturer prior to purchase

If you are not exempt or in possession of a waiver, the DMV Inspection Station will verify whether your vehicle is within the tinted window thresholds established by DC law.

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