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Surrender Tags

You must surrender your vehicle tags to the DMV if:

  • You move out of the District
  • Your insurance is cancelled (note that vehicle tags should be surrendered prior to canceling your insurance to avoid insurance lapse fees)
  • You sell your car or donate it to charity and do not transfer your vehicle tags to another vehicle
  • One of your tags has been stolen and you have obtained replacement tags
  • You cancel your registration
  • You change to disability, personalized or organizational tags
  • You replace worn tags

To surrender your tags:

  • Return them by mail at:

Vehicle Registration
P.O. Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

OR, if sending by certified mail, mail the tags to:

Processing Center
95 M Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024

We will mail you a receipt from DMV for your records. You should wait until you receive your surrender tag receipt prior to canceling your insurance to ensure you do not incur insurance lapse fines.

You are responsible for any infractions incurred on the tags if you do not surrender them to DMV.