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Obtain Temporary Tags (Individual)

Temporary DC Registration - Effective May 30, 2012

The temporary DC registration is issued to DC residents who either need to take their vehicle through inspection prior to converting their out of state registration to DC or the DC resident who has purchased a used vehicle which must go through inspection prior to registration. The temporary DC registration is our normal passenger hard tag which is issued for 45-days.

Once the vehicle is inspected, you will then renew your registration as normal, for either a one or two year renewal period, using either our online transaction or by mail. This process will eliminate the need for you to revisit DMV to complete your registration transaction. Similar to other vehicle registration renewals, you will not be able to renew your temporary DC registration in person at a DMV Service Center.

If you purchase a used vehicle which still has an existing, unexpired DC inspection, then you will not be issued a temporary DC registration and will be able to title and register your vehicle for the full one or two year period.

The following process is used for the temporary DC registration:

  • Customers with newly purchased used vehicles that do not have a valid inspection are required to title and register your vehicle with a DC passenger hard tag reflecting a 45-day registration
  • Documents required to obtain a temporary DC registration
  • You will pay all fees associated with the title transaction (i.e., excise tax, title fee and lien recordation fee (if applicable)) when obtaining the temporary DC registration
  • The temporary DC registration fee, including RPP (if applicable), will cost $13
  • The wording "Temporary Registration" will print on the registration window sticker
  • Law enforcement and parking officers will recognize the temporary DC registration as valid without the vehicle having a valid inspection sticker
  • After vehicle inspection, you will renew your temporary DC registration by mail or online without making another in-person visit to DMV

Since a second temporary DC registration cannot be granted to you, it is important that you immediately take your vehicle through inspection so that any necessary repairs can be completed prior to the 45-day expiration period.


Temporary Tags

Temporary tags, which are paper 45-day tags, are issued to new DC residents with expired out of state tags who have not been through DC inspection and to new DC residents with expired out of state tags who are waiting for their out-of-state title from the lienholder. Temporary tags are also issued to salvage vehicles and commercial/for hire vehicles, which must be inspected and classified by the inspection station prior to registration. 15-day Temporary Tags are issued to out-of-state resident who recently purchased a used vehicle in DC. 

The following process is used for temporary tags:


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