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Obtain Health Care Provider Temporary Parking Permit

A health care provider permit may be issued when a resident in a residential zoned neighborhood requires at home nursing care. You must present the following original documents at a DMV Service Center:

  • Valid registration of health care provider's vehicle reflecting the health care provider as registered owner.
  • Valid drivers License of health care provider.
  • Proof of Insurance for health care provider's vehicle, in health care provider's name, as required in its state of registration.
  • Proof of current residency for District resident requiring medical attention.  (NOTE:  For vehicle transactions, only one (1) proof of residency document required.)
  • Statement on doctor’s letterhead certifying the resident’s medical needs and the name(s) of the persons providing care.

The parking permit is free of charge and valid for up to 60 days. To renew the permit all information must be resubmitted.

Although the temporary parking permit contains a sticker, similar to DC's registration sticker, the bottom portion of the sticker can be placed on the dashboard of the Drivers side of the vehicle.

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