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Failure to Pay Child Support

If your driver license has been revoked as a result of delinquent child support payments, you must take the following steps to reinstate your driver license.

Steps to Reinstate Your Driver License

  1. Report to the Office of Attorney General, Child Support Enforcement Division, 441 4th Street, N.W., Fifth Floor. That office may be reached by telephone on (202) 442-9900.
  2. Satisfy your child support debt
  3. Obtain a child support clearance letter with a raised seal, from that office.
  4. Present the child support clearance letter, along with your driver license, to clear the revocation from your driver record at any DMV Service Center.
  5. Clear any other stops, such as unpaid parking/photo/moving violations, insurance lapses and National Driver Registry stops, on your drivers record.
  6. Pay a reinstatement fee, payable to the DC Treasurer.
  7. Receive a DC DMV clearance letter.  You will also receive your reinstated driver license if you previously surrendered it to DC DMV.