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Contest Parking Ticket - First Level Review

You have the option to contest your parking ticket online, by mail or in person. DMV Adjudication Services recommends that you skip the trip and use online or mail adjudication.

Evidence, such as pictures identifying street signs, buildings, and your vehicle, police reports, etc, may be necessary to prove your defense. Since we function similar to judges, we cannot research evidence on your behalf (i.e., such as going to review signage, consulting with law enforcement, etc). Therefore, the only evidence that will be considered is what you submit with your adjudication request. Submit a copy of the evidence with the mail adjudication form [PDF] for mail-in adjudication request.

Mail adjudication is recommended if your ticket falls within the following circumstances:

Meter problem

  • The meter read fail.
  • The coin did not register.
  • You have a service request confirmation number from the Citywide Call Center obtained on the same date that the ticket was issued. Although a confirmation number will not result in a ticket automatically being dismissed, it will assist the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) in determining if the meter was inoperable.
  • You paid for parking with ParkMobile. Submit your ParkMobile Detailed Sessions Report that shows tag number, parking zone number, start time, end time, and date. The ParkMobile monthly invoice is not an acceptable document.

Vehicle owner is deceased

  • There was no co-owner and the tickets were issued prior to the vehicle owner’s death.
  • Provide a copy of the vehicle owner’s death certificate.

Vehicle or vehicle license plate was stolen on the date that the ticket was issued.

  • This defense is applicable to parking and photo tickets only.
  • Provide a copy of the complete police report.
  • The police report number (CCN) is not sufficient to adjudicate the ticket.

Vehicle suddenly experienced mechanical problems which prevented you from moving it.

  • Running out gas is not a valid defense to a ticket.
  • You have a receipt for the repair or tow of the vehicle on or soon after the date the ticket was issued.

You have a valid disabled person placard or the universal symbol of accessibility on your vehicle tag.

  • The placard or tag was properly displayed at the time the ticket was issued.
  • Display of the placard or tags allows the holder or vehicle owner to park for twice the posted time limit when parking is permissible. For example, the vehicle can be parked for four hours in a two hour residential permit parking zone.
  • This defense applies when the vehicle is parked at a meter, in a residential permit parking zone or in a designated HP parking space.

The ticket is defective.

Examples of defects include, but are not limited to:

  • The wrong vehicle make is listed on the ticket. Your vehicle is a Honda, but the make is noted as Hyundai on the ticket. Provide a copy of your vehicle registration as evidence for adjudication.
  • The incorrect tag number due to mis-keying. Your tag number is MD OQM123 and the tag number on the ticket is MD OOM123. Provide a copy of your vehicle registration as evidence for adjudication.
  • The time is missing. The time does not include AM or PM unless time is noted on a 24 hour cycle or what is usually termed as military time.
  • The officer’s name or badge number is missing.
  • The ticket violation date is missing.

If your vehicle is booted or towed, we recommend that you seek an in-person hearing in order to retrieve your vehicle as soon as possible.


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