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Health Insurance for Employees Hired Before October 1, 1987

Health Insurance for Employees Hired Before October 1, 1987

Employees hired before October 1, 1987, are eligible to participate in the Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program (FEHB) that the US Office of Personnel Management administers. The FEHB offers several kinds of plans, including Fee-for-Service, Health Maintenance Organizations, Point-of-Service and Preferred Provider Organizations. Once you have selected which type of plan you wish to enroll in, there are numerous options to choose from.

The cost of your monthly health insurance premium is shared with the District government, which contributes up to 75 percent toward the total premium cost. All health insurance premium deductions are made on a pre-tax basis, unless a specific waiver form is requested. A Pre-Tax Benefits Waiver Form [PDF] is available on this site, and also at the DC Department of Human Resources, Employee Service Center, One Judiciary Square, Suite 340 North.

When enrolling in a FEDVIP plan through BENEFEDS, you will initially be asked to choose your employment status from a drop-down list. DC Government and DC Courts employees should indicate they are a "Federal or US Postal Service Employee (Not a New Hire)."

Employees will later be asked to choose their specific agency for payroll deduction purposes. It is here where you will indicate whether you work for DC Courts or the DC Government.