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Insurance Verification and Insurance Lapse Fee Payment

District law requires all validly registered vehicles to maintain continuous insurance coverage. Therefore, if you cancel, terminate or change insurance, you will be required to verify continuous insurance and potentially pay for an insurance lapse to avoid the suspension of your vehicle registration.

This online service will allow you to verify your insurance, determine if there was a lapse in insurance coverage, pay for any insurance lapse and reinstate your vehicle registration (if applicable). To use this online feature, you must have access to the insurance notice, which includes a control number, that was mailed or e-mailed to you.

If you have maintained continuous insurance coverage, you will be required to provide the insurance information for the time period when DMV was notified of a potential insurance lapse.

If you have an actual lapse in insurance coverage, you will be required to pay an insurance lapse fine of $150 from 1 to 30 days and $7 for each additional uninsured day after the first 30 days, up to a maximum of $2500. This fine will be automatically calculated once you enter your current insurance information. If your vehicle registration has already been suspended due to failure to timely pay an insurance lapse fee, then you will also be required to pay a reinstatement fee in addition to the insurance lapse fee.

You may be eligible for an insurance payment plan. In order to get on an insurance payment plan, you must contact the Office of Finance and Treasury's Central Collection Unit (CCU) at (202) 727-0771.

If you have any current incidents, i.e., outstanding financial obligations, other than an insurance lapse, you may not be able to process your insurance verification transaction online. Also, if you have multiple insurance lapse periods for the same vehicle, you will not be able to complete this transaction online. If this occurs, please visit a DMV Service Center to address your DMV matters.

Online Insurance Verification and Insurance Lapse Fee Payment - Four Step Overview

  1. Enter the 6-digit control number from your insurance notice and your title number (which can be found on your vehicle registration card).
  2. Enter the insurance information (insurance company, policy number and policy dates) that covers the period of time indicated on your insurance notice.
  3. If the system indicates there was an insurance lapse, review the fee information and follow the directions on the secure site to complete the payment process.
  4. Wait for a confirmation and then print the clearance letter for your records.

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