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Apportioned and Exempt Vehicles

Apportioned Vehicles

Any vehicle traveling in the District of Columbia (DC), and at least one other IRP jurisdiction, that is used for the transportation of property, or persons, for profit is defined as an apportioned vehicle. The apportioned vehicle is further characterized as:

  • A power unit with a gross weight in excess of 26,000 pounds; or
  • A power unit with three or more axles, regardless of weight; or
  • A power unit used in combination with another unit, and together exceed 26,000 pounds

A carrier with power units that travel interstate, but do not meet the above weight or axle requirements, may obtain an IRP registration at their option.

Other Apportioned Vehicles

Semi-trailers, full trailers, and converter gear that travel into California. These kinds of vehicles are required to display a separate apportioned license tag and cab card.

Buses that have regular routes and are not used for transporting chartered parties such as Greyhound Buses. Buses (including Chartered Shuttle Buses) used exclusively for chartered parties must either be registered in IRP, be registered as a DC vehicle, or be operated with a Trip Permit while in the District of Columbia.  Get more information regarding Tour Bus Parking from the goDCgo website

IRP Exempt Vehicles

  • Government-owned vehicles (vehicles (including school buses) contracted by the government are not exempt; however, vehicles (including school buses) leased long-term by the government with the option to purchase are exempt)
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Vehicles displaying a restricted tag