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IRP Application Process

The Department of Motor Vehicle's IRP application provides information that is needed to obtain apportioned registration in the District of Columbia. It is important that the application form is complete in every detail, as missing data will delay processing. The IRP application can only be processed at a designated DC DMV service location in Washington, DC.

Invoice Payment

Payment for DC apportioned tags can be made by company check, personal check and certified check only. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Payments are accepted only at the Southwest Service Center

Fee Calculations

The cost of an apportioned tag will depend upon the percentage of miles traveled in each IRP jurisdiction, the registered combined gross weight of a vehicle, and other vehicle-specific criteria. IRP officials are only able to determine licensing fees when a completed application has been processed. The chart below is a simplified example of a carrier’s activities that is designed to show how fees are calculated. In the following chart, a carrier travels 25,000 miles each in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. The vehicle is a Haul-for-Hire truck with a gross weight of 80,000 pounds. As shown on this chart, the District of Columbia collects a total of $1,580.75 from the carrier. Of this total, D.C. receives $581.25. The remaining money would be sent to the other states as follows:

State Mileage Percent   Full Year Fee   Apportioned Fee
DC 25,000 25% X $2325.00 = $581.25
DE 25,000 25% X $1390.00  = $347.50
MD 25,000 25% X $1280.00 = $320.00
VA 25,000 25% X $1328.00 = $332.00
Total 100,000 100%       $1580.75