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Obtain a REAL ID Driver License with Out of Country Driver License

Non-US Citizens who possesses an unexpired Out-of-Country driver license may be eligible for a DC REAL ID driver license, if they meet eligibility requirements.  A licensed driver who moves to the District of Columbia from another country is required to obtain a DC driver license, if residing in DC for more than 30 days and is not in the US on visiting visa. A DC REAL ID driver license is valid for up to eight years for US citizens and may vary for non-US citizens depending on visa classification and duration of stay. If you possess a valid out-of-country driver license, you will be required to take and pass the driver knowledge test prior to obtaining a DC REAL ID driver license.

You will be allowed to keep your out-of-country driver license along with your DC REAL ID driver license. We do not accept International Driver Licenses as proof of ability to drive. If you possess a non-English language driver license from a foreign country, you must attach an English translation from your embassy or from a certified translator. The embassy translation must be on official embassy letterhead. The date of the translation must be on or after the actual date of the non-English language driver license. Certified translator copies must have a certification stamp.


Click on all of the links below to review a list of required documents that you must bring with you from each category and be prepared to pay the applicable fees. The DMV will NOT be able to accept documents that are not listed for source documents.

You also cannot have outstanding debts to the District of Columbia or unpaid fines for moving traffic violations in other jurisdictions.

Service Locations

To obtain an out-of-country driver license, you may visit any service location except Adjudication Services, Brentwood Road Test Office and Inspection Station.


  1. Complete the Driver License Application [PDF]
  2. Provide the required documents
  3. Take and pass the vision screening test
  4. Take and pass the knowledge test
  5. Take a digital photograph (DC law and policy requires a full frontal digital photo that shows either the ears or up to the hairline without exposing the hair)  
  6. Pay the appropriate fees
  7. Obtain your Paper DC REAL ID driver license
  8. All driver licenses are mailed

Note: Drivers under the age of 21 who are obtaining a REAL ID driver license are automatically enrolled in the GRAD Program.   Also, an out-of-country provisional license is also transferrable to the District, but you must still take the knowledge test.


Contact TTY:  711