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Registering Motorcycles and Motorized Bicycles Imported from Outside the United States

All motorcycles and motorized bicycles must meet federal motor vehicle safety standards before they can be registered in the District. .

Although safety inspections are no longer required for motorcycles and motorized bicycles, a customer must still provide proof of compliance with the federal safety standards if the vehicle was imported from outside the United States. Proof may be provided in one of two ways. First, the customer may present to the DMV service center a manufacturer's certification of compliance. This is in addition to the registration application and other documents required to title and register the vehicle.

Alternatively, if the customer cannot locate the manufacturer's certification of compliance, then the customer must bring the imported motorcycle/motorized bicycle to the inspection station before the vehicle can be titled. An inspector will verify whether the vehicle meets the federal safety standards. Once an inspector determines the vehicle has complied with the federal safety standards, the customer may then visit a DMV service center to title and register the vehicle.