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Dealership Services

Become a DMV Registered Dealer

In order to register a dealership with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the District of Columbia, following documents are required.

Note: DC DMV registration is separate from DC basic business license (which is obtained from the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs).

  1. Clean Hands Certification
  2. DC Basic Business License (An original must be presented, along with a copy), please visit the DCRA website for additional information.
  3. Occupancy Permit (copy)
  4. Copy of a federal tax identification form
  5. Copy of Owner’s Driver License or Non-Driver identification
  6. Copy of each Salesperson’s Salesman License and Driver License or Non-Driver identification
  7. Obtain the required documents in #1-6, then complete the online application.

Note: Only DC based dealerships are allowed to obtain DMV registration. DMV registration will expire on October 31st of each year and it will allow having reassignment of titles, purchase and using dealer tags.

If applying for dealer and /or transport tags (See applicable Fee) the following is required:

  • Proof of Insurance to cover dealer tags

Important notice regarding your Dealership’s Insurance policy

  1. Failure to maintain continuous insurance coverage shall result in fines, suspension, and/or revocation of dealer registration. In the event of suspension or revocation, all tags must be returned immediately upon notification from the DMV. Failure to comply may result in additional fines and/or permanent revocation.
  2. According to D.C. Official Code section 31-2413.01 (b) (2), a fine of $150 will be assessed for a lapse in insurance coverage from 1 to 30 days. For any lapse greater than 30 days, an additional fine of $7 a day will be assessed, up to a maximum amount of $2500.

Note: These fines are assessed per issued tag.

Dealer Requests and Inquiries

Effective October 15, 2013, all requests, questions, and comments from vehicle dealerships must be submitted to dcdmvdealerinfo@dc.gov. In your request, please include customer name, driver license number, VIN, make/model/year of vehicle, relevant dates, and all other pertinent  information. DC DMV will respond to most inquiries within 24 hours or the next business day. To check on the status of a transaction, contact the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311 or (202)737-4404.

Contact TTY: