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GRAD License Program

Drivers 16-21 Years of Age

Gradual Rearing Of Adult Drivers (GRAD) program permits novice drivers (16 - 21 years of age) to safely gain driving experience before obtaining full driving privileges. Many driver education programs are barely sufficient to learn basic vehicle control skills; most do not take into account complexities such as driving at night. GRAD addresses these complexities.

The Patriot Act, Public Law 108-458, National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 does NOT allow for social security numbers to be displayed on driver licenses or identification cards.

There are three stages in the graduated licensing program:

  1. Supervised learner's phase.
  2. Intermediate phase in which you earn a provisional license.
  3. Full license - depending on age, there may be conditions.

The GRAD program places the responsibility on the young driver to maintain his or her right to drive. If you violate traffic laws or GRAD program requirements, there are penalties.

Please select from the appropriate categories below:

The Document Verification Guide will assist you with determining which documents you will need to collect and bring to DC DMV.


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