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Obtain DC Resident New Car Parking Permit

A DC resident new car parking permit is available when a resident in a residential zoned parking neighborhood purchases a new (or used) vehicle from a dealership and receives temporary tags from the dealership to use while the final paperwork is being processed with DMV. (NOTE:  If you have garage parking or otherwise do not need to park your vehicle on a residential zoned parking street, then you do not need to obtain a new car parking permit.) 

To obtain the new car parking permit, you or the dealership must present the following documents at a DMV Service Center:

  • Valid temporary tag registration for the vehicle.
  • Proof of DC Insurance for the vehicle.
  • Copy of DC Drivers License

The parking permit is free of charge and valid for up to 45 days. The new car parking permit must be displayed on your dashboard until your permanent vehicle registration sticker, depicting RPP, is received from your dealership.  Since hard tags must be obtained for the vehicle within the 45 day period, the permit is not renewable.

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