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Obtain Specialty Vehicle Tags

In addition to the regular series vehicle tags, the District has a number of specialty tags from which to choose. The specialty tag fee is composed of a one-time fee and an extra annual display fee (which is in addition to any regular registration fee).


You must bring the following to a DMV service center to obtain a specialty tag:

  • Valid Identification of the Registered Owner(s)
  • Existing Vehicle Tags
    Note: If you do not surrender your existing tags, you will be liable for any tickets that may be received by the tag.

Currently Available Specialty Tags

Anacostia River Commemorative License Tag

Anacostia River Commemorative License Tag

Anacostia River Commemorative License Tag is the only special environmental tags sold at the DMV. The funds collected are used to restore and protect the Anacostia River.

The new plate features silhouettes of two kayakers. It bears the letters "ENV" above the standard "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" slogan.

Disabled American Veterans (No Fee)


Veteran Tags  

DMV issues DC Veteran Tags on behalf of the Office of Veteran Affairs. The specialty veteran tags can only be used on passenger cars, pickup trucks and vans. There are additional fees other than registration fees for specialty tags.          Veteran Tag

In order to secure a veteran tag, you must provide the following documents to a DC DMV service center:

  • Proof of military service (honorably discharged) as indicated by either a DD 214, WD AGO or DD 256 form.
  • DC driver license and the DC vehicle registration of the registered owner(s)
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