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Program for Insurance Electronic Reporting (PIER)

All insurance companies that do business in the District of Columbia are required to report to DMV, within 30 days, all vehicles that are registered in DC and are considered by the insurance companies to have terminated, expired or cancelled motor vehicle insurance policies.

This process, called Program for Insurance Electronic Reporting (PIER), will reduce manual efforts of both DMV and insurance companies. The DMV will continue the insurance verification process by requesting the insurance information from the citizen, and randomly verifying this insurance information with insurance companies.

The PIER User Guide [PDF] describes the insurance companies with the information needed to participate in Program for Insurance Electronic Reporting (PIER). This document will provide the business and technical information to define when and how insurance information will be transmitted between the DMV and the insurance companies. At the end of August 2009, DC DMV will implement a new DC Insurance Verification System (DCIVS). The DCIVS User Guide [PDF] provides information that is necessary for insurance companies to participate in this new program.

Insurance companies can choose one of the following electronic methods to report terminations to DMV:

  1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to a designated DC server using Secure Socket Layer(SSL). Use the PIER FTP Access Request [PDF] form if you choose to participate in Program for Insurance Electronic Reporting (PIER) using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  2. Entry of terminations on a secured web site provided by the DMV also using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). If you choose to participate in Program for Insurance Electronic Reporting (PIER) using DMV web site, complete PIER Web Registration with DMV. Instructions to register with DMV are described in the PIER Web Access Request [PDF] form. If you are already registered and approved by DMV, Login to PIER.

If you have any questions, send an email to dcdmvpier@dc.gov. Please note that this e-mail address is only for Insurance companies. All citizen inquiries related to insurance or other DMV matters should be directed to dmv@dc.gov.

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