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REAL ID Proof of Social Security Number

You must provide one (1) source document from the list below. DMV will NOT accept documents that are not listed below to satisfy proof of Social Security Number (SSN).

Any document used to prove Social Security Number must contain all nine (9) digits. Documents listing only the last four (4) digits are not acceptable.

Note: A document that is being used as Proof of Identity or Proof of Ability to Drive cannot also be used as Proof of Social Security Number.

Note: All District residents obtaining a REAL ID credential are required to provide proof of their Social Security Number or obtain a letter from the Social Security Administration indicating they are not allowed or ineligible to obtain a SSN.

 Source Documents - must be original:

  • Social Security Card bearing applicant's name, SSN, and signature
  • Social Security Administration verification printout reflecting full name and full SSN
  • Pay statement reflecting full name and full SSN
  • W-2 (wage and tax statement) reflecting full name and full SSN
  • 1099 Form reflecting full name and full SSN 
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