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Register for Email Ticket Alert Service

Customers may register for the Email Ticket Alert Service online at eTIMS® to create a single account that provides near real time notification of ticket-related activity on up to four vehicles and a single driver license. Once the account is established, customers will be required to provide key information to verify their identity before the account can be activated and before access to the ticket information is granted. The account will allow customers to be notified when tickets are issued and to receive reminder emails before negative consequences or punitive sanctions are imposed, such as the assessment of late penalties or vehicle impoundment.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is free of charge. To ensure confidentiality of data, the tags and/or driver license enrolled must have had at least one ticket issued on it within the past eighteen months. A customer can enroll up to four tags and one driver license on a single account. Once enrolled, a customer will be able to log in and receive email notifications for the following:

  • When a new ticket is issued;
  • When a payment is applied;
  • Before you are no longer eligible for a hearing;
  • Before late penalties are applied;
  • Before a ticket is assigned to collections;
  • About special DMV programs/announcements.

Customers who participate in the program will also be able to log on and view all images associated with a ticket and have access to all information in the ticket history file, such as hearing requests and outcomes, payments, appeals, etc. Customers can also link to the ticket payment and hearing scheduling functions online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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