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Replacing Your Residential Parking Permit (RPP)

Residents may need to replace their parking permits or stickers if they move to a new RPP zone, change their license tag numbers, or replace their windshields. If your RPP zone has changed, you must remove the outdated/expired RPP sticker from your windshield. Only one RPP zone sticker can be displayed. If you display more than one sticker, you could be subject to a ticket. If you change your address online, then your RPP will automatically transfer. If you move from a zone where RPP was not required into a zone where RPP is required, then you can request an RPP sticker online and pay the appropriate fee. Additionally, you may obtain a replacement by visiting a DMV service location.

To replace your residential parking permit/sticker because you moved, you must present the following original documents:

  • Proof of Current Residency  (NOTE:  For vehicle transactions, only one (1) proof of residency document required.)
  • Valid DC driver license or identification card with your current address
  • Old sticker or receipt for windshield replacement

If you are replacing your parking sticker because of a license tag change, you must have the following:

Valid vehicle registration reflecting the new tag number
Note: Once an inspection sticker is removed from the windshield, it will display "VOID". Since it is illegal to display a voided sticker, if your windshield is replaced, please proceed to the Inspection Station within 72 hours for an inspection sticker replacement. A fee is required for the sticker replacement.

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