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Titling Policies and Procedures

Dealer Proof of Ownership

DC Dealer Proof of Ownership forms were eliminated on January 1, 2007 and are no longer issued.


Title 18 §509 authorizes the use of title reassignment forms [PDF] to reassign the ownership of vehicles by DC dealers registered with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. The proper use of title reassignment forms is outlined in Title 18 Chapter 5. Failure to adhere to the legal and proper use of these forms may result in penalties and/or fines.


Issuance Process

  • Title reassignment forms [PDF] are issued in multiples of 50.
  • Dealers must use 50% of their inventory before requesting more reassignment forms.
  • Dealership owners must present proper photo identification to pick up reassignment forms.
  • Dealership owners may authorize others to pick up forms if they provide a vehicle power of attorney form [PDF] , a copy of the owner's photo identification, and their proper photo identification.
  • In order to obtain additional reassignments, a transmittal form [PDF] must be submitted.
  • Additional reassignment form requests will be processed in 2 business days


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