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Types of Payments Accepted – Dealers/Dealership Transactions

The DMV accepts:

  • Business/Personal Checks
  • Certified checks
  • Credit Card (except American Express)
  • Money Orders
  • Cash (not accepted for dealer dropoff work, dealer tags or new car temporary tags)

The DMV will NOT accept:

  • Starter checks are not accepted

Check Verification

All checks received by DMV will be reviewed for the following items:

  1. If check has been written for exact amount of transaction?
  2. Is the current date on check?
  3. Does the check contain current address and phone number?
  4. Does the Dollar amount match the written amount?
  5. Is the check made payable to “DC Treasurer”?
  6. Is the check signed or properly endorsed?

Note: A $65 Fee will be imposed per dishonored check. DMV will not accept checks as a form of payment for any business transaction for a 2 year period from those businesses who have issued dishonored checks. 

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