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 District Residency and Documentation for Vehicle Registrations

Residency and Documentation Requirements to Register Vehicles in the District.

 Driver Education and Testing Information

General information on driver education and testing at the DC DMV.

 Full Reciprocity Plan FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Full Reciprocity Plan.

Accepted Forms of Payments

Common methods of payment accepted by the DC DMV.

Admit with an Explanation

Available options to respond to a parking, photo enforcement, or minor moving violation ticket in the District.

After Buying a Vehicle

Steps to take after purchasing a vehicle for the first time.

Aggressive Driving

How to avoid driving aggressively in the District.

Appeal Reconsideration or Motion to Vacate Decisions

How to Appeal for Reconsideration of a Decision or Make a Motion to Vacate a Decision.

Apply for Disability Parking Placards and Permits

Submit an application for DC DMV disability parking placards and permits.

Apply for Disability Tags

You may go to any DC DMV service center to obtain disability vehicle tags from DC DMV. You must be a District resident, and you will have to fill out the DC DMV application for disability parking placard or tags, which you can print from the link below or get at the DC DMV service center:

Benefits and Features of DC DMV Registration

Information for new drivers in the District.

Benefits and Features of DC DMV Registration

Some general benefits of DC DMV registration.

Booted or Towed Vehicles

What to do if your vehicle is booted or towed.

Business Services

Doing Business with the DC DMV.

Buying a Vehicle

General guidance on buying a vehicle in the District.

Buying and Selling a Vehicle

How to buy and sell a vehicle in the District.

CDL Eligibility and Documentation

Requirements for obtaining a DC DMV CDL.

CDL Knowledge Tests

Information on obtaining a DC DMV CDL license.

CDL Learner Permits

How to get a DC DMV CDL learner permit.

CDL Road Skills Test Waiver for Military Personnel

Information on how to waive CDL road skills tests for military personnel.