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DC DMV will issue a temporary rental car parking permit to a District resident in a residential parking zoned neighborhood. You must present the following documents at a DC DMV service center:

Taxicab and limousine owners can obtain or renew a DCTC license for their vehicles at all DC DMV service centers. To obtain or renew your license, you will need a completed application and the following documents:

DC DMV has compiled information on all sorts of driving behaviors and practices that can keep you safe behind the wheel.

DC DMV will allow you to reinstate your DC DMV license if it has been suspended or revoked if you take certain steps to show you have addressed whatever caused the suspension or revocation. This reinstatement is part of what we call our Driver Improvement Services.

If you are not a US citizen, you may obtain a DC DMV driver license if your approved length of stay in the United States is a minimum of 6 months. Your DC DMV driver license will expire at the end of your approved duration of stay.

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Steps required to obtain a District driver's license, including tests and documentation.

You may request either a certified or an uncertified copy of your driver record from DC DMV. To protect the privacy of individuals, DC DMV does not provide driver record information over the telephone, and will only release driver records to the driver—with some exceptions noted below.

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) provides District residents driver education, certification, and identification services to ensure that they have the knowledge and credentials to legally operate motor vehicles.

DC DMV offers various tests for drivers, including the knowledge and road skills tests for non-commercial drivers, commercial vehicle drivers, drivers, and motorcyclists, as well as other online resources for testing your driving skills.

Certain medical conditions require specific adaptations.

Although most people know how dangerous drinking and driving is, they may not fully realize that driving sleepy can be just as fatal as driving drunk.

You cannot safely operate a motor vehicle while taking recreational or illegal drugs, or even certain prescribed medications, and you cannot safely drive and drink alcohol. Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol will cost you money, your license, or even your life.

DC DMV provides several groups of individuals non-driver identification cards free of charge. These free ID cards will be either REAL ID or Limited Purpose credentials. The categories and requirements to receive a free non-driver ID are outlined below.

Unpaid or unanswered parking and photo enforcement tickets may result in the immobilization (booting) of your vehicle. Your vehicle may be booted if you have two or more outstanding parking and/or photo enforcement tickets—even if you are legally parked at the time the car is booted.

Below is an excerpt from DC legislation regarding new commercial vehicle fees for Class B and Class C commercial vehicles.

Commercial Class B Vehicle Registration

DC DMV wants to help you complete your business with us in one visit.

We have a few tips, below, to help make that possible.

You can get a full license with conditions (either a DC DMV REAL ID or a Limited Purpose license) after you have had a provisional license for at least 6 months. To get a full license with conditions:

If you are between 16 and 21 years old, DC DMV offers you a special license program to help you become a safe, experienced driver.

DC DMV will issue a renewable health care provider parking permit when a District resident in a residential parking zoned neighborhood requires at-home nursing care. You must present the following original documents at a DC DMV service center: