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To register a vehicle in the District you—or at least one person listed on the vehicle title—must be a District resident. Only the District resident(s) will be listed on the vehicle registration.

DC DMV has a variety of resources available to help you drive safely, whether you’re just starting out as a driver, or you’ve been driving for decades.

What is the Full Reciprocity Plan? The Full Reciprocity Plan, or FRP, is a change to the International Registration Plan (IRP), more efficient for its member jurisdictions, more flexible and more equitable for registrants.

You cannot pay for a trip permit with cash. DC DMV accepts:

When you are issued a parking, photo enforcement, or minor moving violation ticket in the District of Columbia, you have three options to respond to the ticket, according to DC law: pay it,

Congratulations on your vehicle purchase. You must now have the vehicle inspected, titled, and registered in the District.

You are well advised to keep your cool in traffic—research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that aggressive driving accounts for between one-third and half of all traffic fatalities.

If you contested a ticket and were found liable, and you filed a Request for Reconsideration, and that also was denied, you still have an option to

On behalf of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), which regulates parking in the District, DC DMV issues three types of disability placards or permits, one-week permits, temporary placards, and long-term placards, all described below.

One-Week Permits

You may go to any DC DMV service center to obtain disability vehicle tags from DC DMV. You must be a District resident, and you will have to fill out the DC DMV application for disability parking placard or tags, which you can print from the link below or get at the DC DMV service center:

If you are starting out as a driver—whether learning or just licensed—DC DMV has information that can help you become a safe, experienced driver.

Each of the links below will bring you to a page that provides information that learners and beginners will find helpful:

The DC Department of Public Works (DPW) boots or tows vehicles in the District of Columbia that have two or more 61-day-old, unpaid tickets. A boot is a device attached to the vehicle's wheel to immobilize it. The boot can be safely removed only by DPW.

Some preliminary tips:

DC DMV knows that buying and selling a vehicle can be a difficult process. We have assembled the following information and tips to assist you—and to make sure your transaction is safe and legal, whether you are the buyer or the seller.


DC DMV ensures the safety of commercial drivers through certain requirements for a CDL. To get a DC DMV CDL:

To get a DC DMV CDL, you must first take and pass all required knowledge tests to get a CDL learner permit with the class designation and endorsements that you need. All knowledge tests are in English only.

To get a DC DMV CDL learner permit, bring all the documentation that proves you are eligible to the DC DMV Brentwood Commercial Driver License Center, take the applicable knowledge tests, and pay the appropriate fees.

If you are an active duty service member who is currently licensed and who is or was employed within the last 90 calendar days in a military position requiring the operation of a military motor vehicle equivalent to a CMV, you do not have to take the road skills tests to obtain a Class A or B DC