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Vehicle Titles


The following documents are required to title a vehicle:

Additional Vehicle Title Information

  • Altered titles are not accepted. If the title is altered, it is required to obtain a replacement.
  • Additional documents are necessary to obtain a title for a vehicle if an individual acquired it through the death of the vehicle owner.
  • Although a title can have multiple owners, the primary owner must be a District resident or a DC based business. If an individual have a co-owner and the co-owner is not a DC resident, It is required to present the valid photo identification.
  • Salvage Vehicle(s) must pass safety inspection to obtain title.

Note: It is not necessary for a vehicle to pass inspection or have insurance to receive a title only (without a registration). It is not permissible to operate a vehicle in the District of Columbia without registration of the vehicle. Titles are not issued over-the-counter. Titles are mailed to the primary owner within 10 business days. In case of lien holder, the title will be mailed to the primary lien holder. 

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