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You must hold your valid DC DMV CDL learner permit for at least 30 calendar days before you can schedule a CDL road skills test. You must also make an appointment for the road skills test. You can schedule your appointment online at the link below:

This section provides information to help you change the residence listed on your DC DMV driver license, non- driver identification card, and vehicle registration.

The District of Columbia recently enacted a law that requires a bus from any US state or Canadian province used for travel of a chartered party with a seating capacity of greater than fifteen (15) passengers to obtain one of the following:

Certain classes of business do not need a basic business license to get a DC DMV commercial vehicle registration or tag. If your business qualifies, you may provide DC DMV certain documents that prove eligibility.

If you have “stops” on your driver license that prevent you from renewing or reinstating it, you must clear them with whatever state entered them into your driver record in the National Driver Registry (NDR).

To get a DC DMV CDL, you must take the CDL knowledge test, and based on the CDL you want to obtain and the CMV(s) you plan to drive, you may need to take additional test(s) to add specific endorsements to your CDL or remove restrictions.  

Commercial carriers that transport people or operate heavy vehicles in the District of Columbia require DC DMV authorization or permits. These vehicles are regulated in part either under the International Registration Plan (IRP) or by trip permit.

DC DMV offers a commercial driver license (CDL) to professional drivers who reside in the District. The DC DMV CDL is a credential that complies with federal identification guidelines and can be used as a federal-level ID. It is valid for 8 years and can be renewed.

Vehicle Documents and Miscellaneous Items

Vehicle Interior

Floor mats Seat covers Taxi meter Credit card machine

Vehicle Documents

Tail Pipe Test – Typical causes for failing a tailpipe test include:

Moving violation tickets usually result in points on your driving record. If you get too many points, your driver license may be suspended. However, if a hearing examiner says that you may attend traffic school, you may avoid the points.

Skip the Trip LogoParking and photo enforcement tickets can be contested online, by mail, or in person within 60 calendar days.

When you are issued a parking, photo enforcement, or minor moving violation ticket in the District of Columbia, you have three options to respond to the ticket, according to DC law: pay it, a

Contractual Employee Temporary Parking Permit

If you have a CDL from another state or jurisdiction, you must convert it to a DC DMV CDL if you remain in the District for more than 30 days.

If you have a valid out-of-state motorcycle license or a valid out-of-state license with a motorcycle endorsement you may convert it to a DC DMV REAL ID license with a motorcycle endorsement.

If you reside in the District for more than 30 days, you must convert your out-of-state driver license or provisional license to either a DC DMV REAL ID driver license or a REAL ID provisional license. You will have to provide proof of your residency in the Distr

Car dealerships in the District of Columbia can submit all requests, questions, and comments by email to the email address at the link below: