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Contest a Minor Moving Violation Ticket

To contest a minor moving violation, your request must be received within 60 calendar days of the ticket issue date. Failure to schedule a hearing within 30 calendar days will result in an assessment of a penalty equal to the fine. Failure to respond to the ticket within 60 calendar days of the date the ticket was issued will result in suspension of your driving privileges. You have the option of paying the ticket, which is an admission to the violation, denying the ticket and requesting a hearing date, or submitting a mail adjudication form [PDF].  Directions for contesting a minor moving violation are listed below (note you can only use one method to adjudicate a ticket).

Do not submit any payment if you wish to contest the ticket, regardless of whether you are only disputing the penalty; payment of any portion of a ticket is an admission of guilt and will eliminate your ability to adjudicate any portion of the ticket. 

If you requested a hearing date with the officer, you will receive a notice by mail with the date and time of your hearing.

Moving violations usually result in points being assessed to your driver record. However, if a hearing examiner approves you to attend traffic school, you may avoid the points.


By Phone

  • Call toll free 866-893-5023 to schedule a hearing.

By Mail

  • Complete the back of the ticket and mark "deny."
  • Submit a written statement summarizing your defense and any evidence, such as photographs or receipts, which you think might help your case.
  • Send to:

DMV Adjudication Services
Attn: Mail Adjudication
PO Box 37135
Washington, DC 20013

  • On average, based on customer volume, you will be notified in writing of the hearing examiner's decision within approximately six months.
  • If you choose mail adjudication, you will receive a postcard acknowledging that your mail adjudication request has been received.

Sample postcard acknowleding receipt of contested ticket

Sample Postcard from DMV 

In Person

  • You may not contest a minor moving violation on a walk-in basis. You must request a scheduled hearing date.
  • You may appear in-person to schedule a hearing date on a minor moving violation by reporting to DMV Adjudication Services, Monday through Friday, 8:15 am to 4 pm.
  • All scheduled hearings for minor moving and photo enforcement violations are conducted at DMV Adjudication Services. On the hearing date, you will need to check in at the hearing information desk in Room 1157 and present your notice of scheduled hearing or a valid driver license.

Note: If you contest a ticket and are found liable for the violation, you may file a Request for Reconsideration withn 30 calendar days of the liable decision.

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