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IRP Audits, Mileage Records, and Enforcement


The District of Columbia is required to conduct periodic audits of IRP vehicles to verify compliance with the Plan. Operational records must be made available at the owner's registered place of business, or be delivered in person or by mail to the DMV's IRP office as directed. Audit results are sent to the carrier, and to all IRP jurisdictions for which a carrier is registered. A carrier will be billed for IRP mileage differences discovered in the audit.

Mileage Records

An IRP participant is required to keep a formal file available detailing the operation of its fleet. A participant's fleet records must be accurate and readable, and capable of supporting mileage figures submitted for the current registration year, and for three preceding IRP registration years. A participant's fleet records must show all miles that were traveled in each jurisdiction by each vehicle.

An Individual Vehicle Mileage Record (or IVMR) is an acceptable supporting document to verify fleet mileage, and should contain:

  • The starting and ending dates of each trip
  • Where the trip started and ended
  • The route of travel
  • Total of all trip miles (including all miles loaded, empty, and/or deadhead)
  • Miles traveled in each state
  • The unit number or vehicle identification number
  • Vehicle fleet number
  • Registrant's name
  • Trailer number (if applicable)
  • Drivers signature

An IVMR must be completed for each trip, detailing the movement of individual vehicles. Monthly reports, such as fuel reports, are not acceptable at face value. These kinds of documents must be supported by an IVMR. If a participant fails to keep accurate records of fleet activities, he/she risks being assessed the full amount charged by individual jurisdictions to which the carrier is apportioned.


The apportioned license tag must be mounted on the rear of straight trucks, trailers and buses, and on the front of all tractors.

Operators of apportioned vehicles traveling into the District of Columbia must have DC recorded on their cab cards issued by their base jurisdiction. IRP vehicles are required to display a current apportioned license tag and cab card, or a valid temporary authority before traveling into other IRP jurisdictions. A vehicle registered out of jurisdiction that fails to record DC on its cab card may receive a $500 fine.

The cab card must be carried in the vehicle at all times. Enforcement personnel look at the original cab card as proof that the vehicle is properly registered.

A carrier can only display renewal credentials prior to an enforcement date when the previous registration year's cab card is also carried in the vehicle.

Please feel free to contact one of our representatives at the IRP Office for additional details. Information is also available by phone at (202) 729-7079.

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