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Vehicle Registration Fees

Effective October 1, 2023, the following vehicle registration fees will go into effect.

Vehicle Type Class Weight Range (lbs) Annual Fees Effective Oct. 1, 2023
Passenger Class I <= 3499 $72.00
Passenger Class II 3500 - 4999 $175.00
Passenger Class III 5000 - 5999 $250.00
Passenger Class IV >= 6000 $500.00
Passenger Class V Battery Electric Vehicles $36.001
Passenger A battery electric passenger vehicle other than a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle with a manufacture’s shipping weight < 5000 lbs may subtract 1000 lbs from its manufacture’s weight.
Passenger Class VI >= 3500 $72.002
Commercial Class I <= 3499 $125.00
Commercial Class II 3500 - 4999 $175.00
Commercial Class III 5000 - 6999 $250.00
Commercial Class IV 7000 - 9999 $500.00
Commercial Class V > 10000 $700.00
Commercial Class V continued >= 10000 + each 1000 $700.00 + $50.00
Trailer Class I <= 1499 $50.00
Trailer Class II 1500 - 3499 $150.00
Trailer Class III 3500 - 4999 $275.00
Trailer Class IV 5000 - 6999 $500.00
Trailer Class V 7000 - 9999 $700.00
Trailer Class VI >= 10000 $850.00
Trailer Class VI continued >= 10000 + each 1000 $850.00 + $75.00

1 A brand new battery electric passenger vehicle, other than a motorcycle and motor driven cycle, < 5000 lbs. This provision shall only apply on the first two years of the vehicle’s registration. After two years the vehicle shall be treated as Class I or Class II, whichever is applicable.

2 Vehicles >= 3500 lbs that is due to the accommodation of a disability and has been issued a disability license tag.

NOTE: A gas/electric or hybrid vehicle does not qualify for the $36 registration or the 1,000 pounds subtraction from the manufacturer’s shipping weight.

Additional Fees


Class A Vehicle Registration Current Annual Fee
Historic Vehicle $25.00
Permanent and Total Veteran Disability NO FEE
Motorcycle  $52.00
Motor Driven Cycle $30.00
Tag Transfer $12.00
Vehicle Registration Reinstatement  $98.00
Additional Fees Current Fee
Registration Card $20.00/yr
Insurance Lapse $150.00/day for days 1-30, then $7 for each day up to $2500
Non-IRP Registered Commercial Carriers
Trip Permits $50 (valid for six days of travel within the District of Columbia)

Payment and Credit Cards

  • DMV accepts payments in the form of cash, check, money order or credit card.
  • DC Government accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.
  • All outstanding debts (child support payments, outstanding tickets and dishonored checks) to the DC Government must be satisfied before completing most of your DMV transactions.

Excise Tax

Information on the excise tax for DC titles can be found at DC Official Code § 50-2201.03. Many vehicles are exempt from DC excise tax. [Review our excise tax exemption list] Rates are applied to the fair market value (as defined by the current National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Business Guide for the Eastern Region) of the vehicle at the time of application (reference 18 DCMR §401.16). Obtain an estimate of the excise tax by using the online excise tax calculation tool.

As a result of recent regulatory changes, DC DMV has revised the calculations for motor vehicle excise taxes. The updated excise tax rates will take into account the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles as mandated by Title V of the CleanEnergy DC Omnibus amendment Act of 2018. These changes become effective on February 1, 2021.

Except as set forth in DC Official Code § 50-2201.03(j)(1A)(G), the excise tax rate on motor vehicles shall be as follows based on vehicle weight class and miles per gallon (“mpg”) city driving, rounded down to the nearest whole number:


Tax rates/fees are determined by both vehicle unladen weight and mpg city:

Unladen Weight 20MPG or Less 21MPG-25MPG 26MPG-30MPG 31MPG-39MPG 40MPG or More
3,499 or Less 8.1% 4.4% 3.1% 2.2% 1.0%
3,500 - 4,999 9.1% 5.4% 4.1% 3.2% 2.0%
5,000 or More 10.1% 6.4% 5.1% 4.2% 3.0%

Formula - Fair Market Value (FMV) X MPG Taxable Percentage (%) = Excise Tax


  • Fuel efficiency is not based on MPGe (equivalent)
  • Changes to the vehicle excise tax shall not apply to individuals who claimed and received the District Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for the most recent tax period. Individuals who qualifiy for the District earned income tax credit (EITC) may elect to pay by weight class (6%, 7%, 8%), or the MPG adjusted tax benchmark/schedule depending on lowest costs. If EITC is applied to the excise tax, documentation from the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) will be required prior to vehicle titling.
  • 100% electric vehicles are exempt from the vehicle excise tax.

Credit Cards

DC Government accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.