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Medical Requirements

Note if your driver license is not REAL ID compliant (i.e., has a black star in the upper, right hand corner), then you must also revalidate your documents, as indicated by the links below, in addition to the requirements listed on the remainder of this webpage.

If you have a medical condition that may impair your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, even temporarily, you must provide DC DMV a Medical/Eye Report form that has been completed by your licensed medical practitioner. The report form can be used as either a Medical Report or an Eye Report and is available at the link below:

Some of these conditions include:

Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Requires a Medical Report and the completion of the knowledge and road skills tests

Seizure Disorder/Loss of Consciousness

  • Requires a Medical Report
  • DC regulations state you must be seizure-free for at least 12 months prior to obtaining a DC DMV driver license.
  • If you are currently licensed and experience a seizure or loss of consciousness, you must report the incident to DC DMV within 30 calendar days. Unless your physician indicates the seizure was due to a change in medication, or strictly nocturnal, DC DMV will suspend your driving privilege for 12 months from the date of the last episode.

Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

  • Requires both a Medical and an Eye Report

Vision Impairment

(i.e., glaucoma, cataracts, eye disease, and monocular vision)

  • Requires an Eye Report

If you are a habitual alcoholic or drug abuser, you may be required to provide evidence that you have attended a DC- or other state-certified program to recover from substance abuse. Such evidence is always required to reinstate a license revoked for an alcohol- or drug-related offense, unless you can prove at a reinstatement hearing that such a program was not necessary.

DC DMV also requires you to submit a Medical Report when a law enforcement officer suspects you may have a medical condition that led to a traffic citation or accident.

If DC DMV receives a detailed, written statement from a family member, law enforcement officer, or physician related to the unsafe driving of a District resident, we will require that resident to complete a Medical Report. Driving tests may also be required in any of these situations, depending on the circumstances.

DC DMV will use the medical information provided by your physician to determine if a driver license may be issued or issued with restrictions. We may also issue a driver license that will be valid for less time, based on your physician’s information. Also, if your doctor recommends follow-up Medical/ Eye Reports, we will track this information to ensure compliance. If we do not receive the follow-up reports within the timeframe specified by your physician, your license will be subject to suspension.

If necessary, during the renewal of your driver license, DC DMV may issue you a non-renewable, 45-day temporary license to allow you an opportunity to obtain your physician’s certification on the Medical/ Eye Report. If you are 70 years of age or older, this 45-day temporary license may also be issued during your license renewal process to allow you time to obtain your physician’s certification on the driver license application.  Note a 45-day temporary license cannot be issued if you are not renewing your license.

Driver License Medical Review Process

DC DMV may determine that you must undergo a medical or vision review to maintain your driving privileges, if you are reported as an unsafe driver, for instance. As part of the driver license medical review process, DC DMV may require you to submit an Eye Report from your ophthalmologist/optometrist and/or a Medical Report from your physician.

If you are 70 years old or older, when you renew your driver license, you must:

Based on your physician’s evaluation and recommendation and any necessary DC DMV evaluations, DMV will determine whether to:

  • Deny your application (in which case a non-driver ID may be obtained)
  • Suspend your driving privileges
  • Restrict your driving privileges
  • Require you to submit periodic Medical/ Eye Reports to maintain your driving privileges

Defensive Driving Course

DC DMV recommends an online defensive driving course for family members who are questioning whether their loved ones are still able to safely drive. This course may also be taken to refresh and enhance your driving knowledge and skills. The online course can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

DC DMV-approved courses are available at the links below:

Contact TTY: