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Driver Improvement Services

DC DMV will allow you to reinstate your DC DMV license if it has been suspended or revoked if you take certain steps to show you have addressed whatever caused the suspension or revocation. This reinstatement is part of what we call our Driver Improvement Services.

If your license was revoked because of points on your driver record, you may be eligible to reinstate your driver license or privileges online.  DC DMV will notify you by mail of your reinstatement requirements. You will have to have proof that you have paid all outstanding tickets or that your tickets have been dismissed—or that you have cleared all stops on your license, and you will have to pay a reinstatement fee.

The online license reinstatement system is available at the link below:

You may also visit any DC DMV service center to clear your license and pay the reinstatement fee. You will be required to show proof that you have paid all outstanding tickets or that your tickets have been dismissed or are on hold pending you contesting the ticket and your license is clear. A list of DC DMV service centers is available at the link below:

If you provide a notarization of authorization, someone else may pay the reinstatement fee for you at the DC DMV service center. A listing of DC DMV fees is available at the link below:

If your license was revoked due to a major moving violation, then you must have a reinstatement hearing at DC DMV’s Adjudication Services office in order to get it reinstated.

To schedule a driver license hearing, such as a "show cause" hearing for a serious moving violation such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving while under the influence (DUI), operating while impaired (OWI), leaving the scene of an accident, (LAC) etc.; a misrepresentation hearing, or a driver license reinstatement hearing, you must visit Adjudication Services.  Since the documents you provide to request the hearing must be reviewed by DC DMV, you cannot schedule the hearing by phone or online.

The hearings can be scheduled at Adjudication Services or you can mail your request and documents to:

DC DMV Driver Improvement Office
PO Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

You may reschedule the hearing if a request is received seven (7) business days in advance of the hearing date. If you fail to appear for a Show Cause hearing regarding the Official Notice of Revocation which was served by a police officer following your arrest, your DC driver's license or privilege to operate a vehicle in the District of Columbia will be revoked.

If you were convicted of an alcohol or drug offense i.e. DWI, OWI or DUI, and are applying for reinstatement of your DC driver's license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle in DC, you will need proof of completion of a certified alcohol counseling program and evidence of high risk insurance coverage. If you are approved for reinstatement, you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $98.00 by credit card or money order.

Emergency requests for rescheduling or continuances are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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