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DC DMV Service Update: Walk-in service has returned to DC DMV for all Service Centers and Adjudication Services.

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DC DMV Employee Spotlight

Lamont Parker, DC DMVLamont Parker, Support Services Assistant

In this week’s employee spotlight, we’re pleased to recognize Lamont Parker. Lamont recently joined DC DMV in May 2021 as a Support Services Assistant. He is the newest member of our Support Services Team.

During his brief tenure at DC DMV, Lamont states there are many things he enjoys about working for the agency including, “being able to help my coworkers and the citizens of the District”.

When he’s not working, Lamont enjoys watching sports, experimenting with new food items, and art and music. Before joining DC DMV, Lamont was an employee at Howard University.

Thank you, Lamont for your hard work and dedication to DC DMV and citizens of the District!



Letitia “Tish” West, Legal Instrument Examiner

DC DMV Letitia “Tish” West

Letitia “Tish” West has been an employee with DC Government since May 1997. Tish consistently goes above and beyond to build her team’s morale and set a positive culture throughout the agency. She is always implementing fun and innovative ways to show appreciation to her colleagues and make DC DMV an enjoyable environment for staff and customers. She loves to bring candy for her colleagues as well as pass candy out to the children of DMV customers during Halloween.  

Tish provides excellent external and internal customer service and is diligent about providing customers with all the information they request. She is extremely knowledgeable and a true asset to DC DMV. Tish is well respected throughout the agency as well as the AFGE Local 1975 employee Union, where she previously held the position of “Women and Fair Practices” Representative.

During her tenure as a Legal Instrument Examiner, Tish has learned and processed all functions of DC DMV including commercial driver licenses and road tests. Tish has always performed her duties at a high level, has trained and developed numerous new DMV employees, and has been integral to the success of the service centers she has worked at. You can always count on Tish to report to work early and volunteer to assist others when necessary, including members of the management team.

Tish, you continue to be a tremendous asset to DC DMV. Your work ethic, years of dedicated service, and excellent customer service are key to the agency’s success! Thank you for all you do to service the residents of the District of Columbia.

Marcus Lewis, Legal Instrument Examiner

DC DMV Marcus LewisMarcus Lewis has been a Legal Instrument Examiner since June 2017 and currently works at the Southwest Service Center. Marcus is a team player who goes beyond the call of duty to assist internal and external customers. He always delivers quality service in a calm and professional manner when interacting with customers.

Marcus willingly shares his expertise with his team members and is always available to mentor new employees at DC DMV. Marcus listens attentively, provides options to resolve any concerns, and is very detail oriented. On numerous occasions, Marcus has been commended for his professionalism and his outstanding customer skills.

During the public health emergency, Marcus worked long hours and assisted during DC DMV special hours to ensure residents of the District received DMV services. Marcus has become a “Rising Star” at DC DMV and is truly an inspiration to his team and others he encounters.

Thank you, Marcus for your hard work and dedication to DC DMV and District residents!

Lawanda Kearney, Legal Instrument Examiner

DC DMV Lawanda KearneyLawanda Kearney has been a Legal Instrument Examiner at the DC DMV since April 2000. Lawanda is a true professional who goes above and beyond each day to provide excellent customer service to both her internal and external customers. She takes the time to thoroughly explain information to her customers and practices great patience and empathy with each customer she serves. Lawanda consistently completes her customer’s transactions with efficiency and accuracy, while striving to ensure that each customer she services is satisfied before leaving her workstation. Throughout the years, Lawanda has received numerous compliments in recognition of the excellent customer service she provides.

During her tenure at DC DMV, Lawanda has learned and mastered all functions of the agency. She has always performed her duties at a high level and brings a positive energy and enthusiasm to the workplace each day. Lawanda has trained and developed numerous employees during her tenure, and she has been integral to the success of the service centers where she has worked. Lawanda is also an ultimate team player and happily shares her knowledge with any colleague who needs assistance. During the public health emergency, Lawanda worked at several DC DMV locations where she was responsible for the training and mentoring of several new employees to the agency. Additionally, Lawanda was recently promoted to a higher-grade position, and she has future aspirations to become a Lead Legal Instrument Examiner.

Lawanda, you have been and continue to be a tremendous asset to DC DMV. Your years of dedicated service to the agency’s success is second to none! Also, thank you for all that you do daily to provide District residents with outstanding customer service!

Meet Timothy Jackson, Legal Instrument Examiner

Timothy Jackson, DC DMV Legal Instrument ExaminerTimothy Jackson began his career with DC DMV as a Legal Instrument Examiner. He is a dedicated DC DMV employee who always goes above and beyond for both his external and internal customers. Timothy consistently utilizes his excellent communications and listening skills to provide outstanding customer service. Additionally, he takes great pride in completing transactions accurately and providing his coworkers with problem resolution tactics to successfully address customer issues and concerns.

Throughout the public health emergency, Timothy volunteered to work overtime to ensure DC residents received their vehicle titles and registrations. Timothy also frequently volunteered to assist other DMV locations that were short staffed during the health emergency. Timothy is an asset to DC DMV! His knowledge and commitment to service are demonstrated each day to the benefit of the agency and Timothy’s customers.

Thank you, Timothy for always giving 100 percent in your work and for being a dedicated DC DMV employee!

Meet Michelle Small, Correspondence Management Specialist

Michelle Small, DC DMV Correspondence Management  SpecialistMichelle Small is a native Washingtonian, who began her career with DC DMV in April 2000. 
Michelle’s 20+ years with the agency has been a rewarding experience. The most rewarding part is that she’s happy to help customers and solve problems. The work that she does makes her feel like she’s giving something back to the community. 
Michelle is a professional who goes above and beyond to assist her customers. Her motto is, “treat people how you want to be treated.” She treats every customer with respect and takes great pride in providing excellent customer service.

Thank you, Michelle for your hard work and dedication to DC DMV and District residents!


Meet Mercy Moore, Lead Legal Instrument Examiner

Mercy Moore, DC DMV Lead Legal Instrument ExaminerIn this week’s employee spotlight, we are honored to recognize Mercy Moore. Mercy began her career with DC DMV in 1971 and recently celebrated her 50th anniversary with the agency! Her tenure at DC DMV has been a continuous learning experience. As Mercy noted, “you learn from both the good and the bad days”.

During her 50 years at DC DMV, Mercy has been blessed through her relationships with many great people. She considers DC DMV and her colleagues as her everlasting family and home.

We salute you Mercy for your outstanding 50+ years of government service. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to DC DMV and our District residents!


Meet Karen Tate, Quality Program Officer

Karen Tate, DC DMV Quality Program OfficerIn this week’s employee spotlight, we would like to give recognition to Karen Tate! Prior to arriving at DC DMV, Karen worked as a Program Manager with DMV’s ticket management contractor, bringing over 20 years of excellent customer service to DC DMV. Currently, Karen is the Quality Program Officer and oversees the agency’s ticket processing contract and serves as a liaison for many of our sister agencies (MPD, DDOT, DPW, DFHV).
Karen demonstrates her commitment to work and dedication to her team on a daily basis. She is a great asset for the Adjudication Services Administration and to the agency.
Thank you, Karen for your hard work and dedication!

Meet Tracey Lee, Lead Legal Instrument Examiner

Tracey Lee, DC DMV Lead Legal Instrument ExaminerTracey Lee is a native Washingtonian who began her career with DC DMV as a Legal Instrument Examiner in February 2005 and progressed to Lead Instrument Examiner in 2019. She’s a professional who goes above and beyond to assist her customers, always with an infectious smile and energetic personality.

Throughout the public health emergency, Tracey worked with various organizations to ensure DC residents were able to obtain identification cards and driver licenses. Tracey takes great pride in providing excellent service and she treats each individual with respect and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Thank you, Tracey for your hard work and dedication to DC DMV and DC residents!

Meet Maurice Kartey, Lead Motor Vehicle Inspector

Maurice Kartey, DC DMV Inspection Station

Maurice Kartey has been with the DC DMV Inspection Station since April 13, 1998. Throughout his 23 years at the Inspection Station, Maurice demonstrates respect, courtesy, and professionalism to each of his customers, which is evident by the numerous compliments he’s received. Maurice exceeds all levels of excellence to ensure customer’s needs are met; he enthusiastically greets customers and works to navigate them swiftly and safely through the inspection process.
During the Public Health Emergency, Maurice was first in line to volunteer to work overtime to accommodate the large number of District residents who needed to have their vehicles inspected following the restriction of DC DMV services to the public. He swiftly removed and replaced customer’s inspection stickers, expediting the inspections process, and minimizing customer wait time.
Maurice promptly satisfies the needs of customers he serves by listening attentively and asking important questions to be able to provide the appropriate guidance. Customers benefit from the accurate and precise information they are provided as they receive their Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).

Maurice relentlessly seeks to improve service in a creative and highly responsive way, always thinking outside the box to better serve his customers, and to make sure their DC DMV experience always exceeds their expectations.

Thank you, Maurice for your hard work and dedication!