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All Service Centers, Adjudication, and Deanwood CDL are by "Appointment Only." DMV has extended the expiration date for DLs, IDs, vehicle registrations, inspections, ticket payments and ticket adjudication responses expiring Mar 1, 2020 -Mar 17, 2021 until 45 days after the health emergency ends.

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Vehicle Services

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) provides vehicle registration (and inspection), tag, and permitting services to residents, businesses, and government entities so they may legally park, drive, buy, and sell their vehicles in the District of Columbia.

Vehicle Registrations

Initial Registration of a New or Used Vehicle
Registration of Motorcycle and Motorized Bicycles
Vehicle Registration Renewals
Registration Card Replacements
Online Excise Tax Calculator
Vehicle Registration and Title Fee Estimator

Vehicle Titles

To Replace a Vehicle Title
Salvage Vehicle

Salvage Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Tags

Tag Replacement
Tag Surrender
Tag Transfer
Personalized Tags
Membership Organization Tags
Specialty Vehicle Tags
Taxation without Representation Tags
Temporary Registration and Tags—Individual

Parking Permits and Reciprocity Permits

Residential Parking Permits
Reciprocity Parking Permits for Temporary and Part-Time District Residents
Reciprocity Permit Renewals
Visitor Parking Permits
Health Care Provider Parking Permit
District Resident New Car Parking Permit
District Resident Rental Car Parking Permit
Contractual Employee Temporary Parking Permit

Vehicle Inspections

To Pass the DC DMV Vehicle Inspection
Inspection Exemptions and Waivers
Inspection Sticker Renewals
Inspection Sticker Replacements

Vehicle Insurance
Registration of Out-of-State Automobiles (ROSA)
Booted and Towed Vehicles
Disability Tags and Placards

Apply for Disability Tags
Apply for Disability Parking Placards and Permits
Renew Disability Tags or Placards

Buying and Selling a Vehicle
Historical Vehicles

NOTE: The most common reason you may not be able to complete a DC DMV vehicle service transaction is insufficient or incorrect documentation. The documents that are most frequently submitted incorrectly are listed below. Check these out now to make sure you are ready to inspect, insure, title, and register your vehicle in the District of Columbia.

  • Altered Bill of Sale
  • No Occupancy Permit/Business License/Tax Registration
  • Incorrect/No Insurance Info
  • Unsigned Application
  • Incorrect Check Amount
  • Missing Power of Attorney
  • No Lien Contract/Lease Agreement
  • Altered/Unacceptable Documentation
  • No Transmittal Sheet Reflecting VIN
  • No Copy of Driver License/Non-Driver ID Card
  • Non-Corresponding Documents (Documents must have matching names, addresses, VINs, etc.)
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