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Booted or Towed Vehicles

Booted or Towed Vehicles Options

The DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) does NOT boot or tow vehicles.

In the District of Columbia, the DC Department of Public Works (DC DPW) boots or tows vehicles that have two or more 61-day-old, unpaid tickets. A boot is a device attached to the vehicle's wheel to immobilize it. The boot can be safely removed only by DC DPW. A booted vehicle is subject to towing immediately, if the outstanding tickets and boot fee remain unpaid.

A vehicle may be towed by DPW or the Metropolitan Police Department if it is parked so as to create a traffic or safety hazard. Information on fees for booted or towed vehicles is available at: DC DMV Fees.


To release the booted or towed vehicle, you must pay the boot or tow fee and all outstanding parking tickets. 

  • Pay ticket and boot fees online
  • Pay ticket, boot, and tow fees in-person at DC DMV's Adjudication Services. You can get a printout of all boot, tow, and tickets fees at the service window, and pay at the cashier’s window. 
  • If you have a major credit/debit card, you can pay tickets and tow fees at DC DPW's Blue Plains Impoundment Lot. If your vehicle tags have expired, you can also renew your vehicle registration online in order to drive the vehicle off the impoundment lot. Call 311 or (202) 737-4404 to determine at which impoundment lot your vehicle is located.

Note: Until you pay the tow and ticket fees, you may remove only these items from your vehicle: cash, checkbook, driver license, perishable items, medicine, and tools necessary for livelihood. 

Impoundment lots and hours of operation can be found on DC DPW’s website.

Once you pay any storage fees owed, you must retrieve your vehicle that day or additional storage fees will be charged ($20 per day for most vehicles). These additional storage fees must be paid in-person at DC DMV's Adjudication Services. To avoid this inconvenience, please retrieve your vehicle the same day you pay any outstanding storage fees. 

Retrieving a Towed Vehicle

Please visit DC DPW’s website for more information on how to retrieve your vehicle.

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