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Department of Motor Vehicles

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-In recognition of the Juneteenth holiday, all DC DMV locations will be closed on Wednesday, June 19. Regular business hours will resume on Thursday, June 20. Many of DC DMV's services will remain available online or via the agency's free mobile app.


-DC DMV will no longer prevent DC residents from applying for a new or renewed driver license because of failing to meet the requirements of the Clean Hands Law.

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Distracted Driving

Distractions cause many accidents for both new and experienced drivers. Taking your eyes off the road for even a second can have tragic results.

Here are some tips to avoid distractions:

  • Don't eat in the car. Fumbling with food, dropping food, or trying to drive with one hand can cause problems.
  • Avoid fiddling with radio or temperature controls, or mirrors, or your seat, etc., while driving. It is better to pull over and adjust anything, then return to the road.
  • Don't use cell phones while driving unless you can talk hands-free. Pull off the road in a safe place to make calls. That way you can concentrate on the dialing and conversation without putting you and your car at risk.  Remember, cell phone use (unless it’s hands-free) and texting while driving is against the law in the District.
  • Check your vision, and if you need glasses, be sure to wear them while driving.
  • Wear sunglasses when driving in bright sunlight. Sun glare can also be a distraction.
  • Avoid playing the radio too loudly; you may not be able to hear sirens from emergency vehicles.
  • If something falls on the floor, don't try to pick it up while driving. Wait until you are parked.


NEVER… email, text, tweet, chat, or anything else on your phone or other device while you’re driving! Just don’t read anything when you are behind the wheel—not the newspaper, not a good book, not your best friend’s frantic text—not even a map. If it takes your eyes off the road, it could take your life.

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