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Department of Motor Vehicles

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-DC DMV will no longer prevent DC residents from applying for a new or renewed driver license because of failing to meet the requirements of the Clean Hands Law.

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Dealer, Commercial and For Hire Vehicle Fees

Dealer Fees Fee
Dealer Tag Fee $75.00/per tag*
Replacement Dealer Tags $10.00/per tag*
Dealership Registration Fee $100.00/year*
Reassignment Form Portal Fee $100.00/year*
Dealer Proof of Ownership No Fee
Duplicate Dealer Proof of Ownership No Fee
Temporary Registration Certificates (new car dealerships only) No Fee
Special Use Certificates No Fee
Duplicate Dealer Tag Registration Sticker $20.00/per sticker*

*No prorated fees

Multi-Owner Fleet Program Fee
Annual Fee (per tag) $10.00/year


Taxi / Limo Fees Fee
DCTC License $75.00/year
Out of State Registration Taxi/Limo Fee
(for non-DC residents)
Interjurisdictional Limo DCTC $400.00/year
Duplicate Interjurisdictional Limo DCTC $100.00


Class B. - For each commercial vehicle, tractor and passenger carrying vehicle for hire,
including licensed under § 47-2829, based upon the manufacturer's shipping weight, as follows:

Weight Class Registration Fee
Class I (3,499 pounds or less) $125.00
Class II (3,500 - 4,999 pounds) $175.00
Class III (5,000 - 6,999 pounds) $250.00
Class IV (7,000 - 9,999 pounds) $500.00
Class V (10,000 pounds or greater) $700.00
Class V continued (10,000 pounds + each 1,000 pounds) $700.00 + $50.00
(b-1) Nonresident taxi and limousine driver vehicle registration. - In addition to any fees that may be due under any other statute or regulation,
a driver who was exempted from the residency requirements to register a vehicle within the District of Columbia under § 50-1501.02 (c)(5)(B) shall be charged an additional fee of $100.


Class C. - For each trailer, based upon the manufacturer's shipping weight, as follows: Weight Class Registration Fee
Class I (1,499 pounds or less) $50.00
Class II (1,500 pounds - 3,499 pounds) $150.00
Class III (3,500 - 4,999 pounds) $275.00
Class IV (5,000 - 6,999 pounds) $500.00
Class V (7,000 - 9,999 pounds) $700.00
Class VI (10,000 pounds or greater) $850.00
Class VI continued (10,000 pounds + each 1,000 pounds) $850.00 + $75.00


Payment and Credit Cards

  • DMV accepts payments in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit card.
  • DC Government accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.
  • All outstanding debts (child support payments, outstanding tickets, and dishonored checks) to the DC Government must be satisfied before completing most of your DMV transactions.

Excise Tax

Information on the excise tax for DC titles can be found at DC Official Code § 50-2201.03. Many vehicles are exempt from DC excise tax. Review our excise tax exemption chart [PDF]. Rates are applied to the fair market value (as defined by the current National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Business Guide for the Eastern Region) of the vehicle at the time of application (reference 18 DCMR §401.16).