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Driver Education

DC DMV has compiled an advisory list of what to do in certain driving situations.

Driver Improvement Services

How to renew you DC DMV license online if it was suspended or revoked.

Driver License for Non-US Citizens

How non-Citizens may obtain a DC DMV driver license.

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Steps required to obtain a District driver's license, including tests and documentation.

Driver Point System

Information about the DC DMV driver point system.

Copy of Driving Record

Request a copy of your driver record.

Driver Services

DC DMV manages driver education, certification and identification services in the District.

Driver Testing

DC DMV offers various types of tests for commercial and non-commercial drivers and motorcyclists.

Driving Restrictions for Specific Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions require specific adaptations.

Drowsy Driving

Information and effects of driving while drowsy.

Drugs and Alcohol

Information and consequences of operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Replace a CDL

how to obtain a replacement DC DMV CDL if it has been damaged, lost, or stolen.

Eligibility for Free Non-Driver ID

DC DMV eligibility requirements for non-driver ID.

Taxation Without Representation Tags

Information about End Taxation Without Representation Tags.

Failure to Pay a Ticket

What you need to know if you have outstanding tickets with DC DMV.

Fee Schedule for Commercial Vehicles

Information on new commercial vehicle fees for Class B and C commercial vehicles.

Find a list of DMV forms to complete your transactions.

For New District Residents

DC DMV information for new District residents.

Full License with Conditions

How to apply for a full license with conditions.

GRAD License Program

Eligibility requirements for the Graduated License Program.